Angel wings

Sweet Child of Mine.

In this now moment, I ask you to feel me with you, as you read each word that I am speaking.

My wish for you is to see & know yourself, the way that I know you…

The way that I created you, as pure perfection.

I want you to trust that I have never let you fall in the past & promise to always hold you in my arms & in my heart.

Even in moments when you may think that I’m not standing with you, I am here holding you, unwaveringly.

There is no need for stress or worry, set it all down & allow for me to carry the weight.

Allow for me to be your protector & your provider.

Everything that you have ever wanted is waiting for you.

All you need to do is surrender to receiving it.

Know that you are deserving of it.

Every single person that I have brought to you has been a divine teacher, sent FOR you.

Some have served you with love & others have not known how to serve you with love, as they are here on a very similar journey as you. They are also here to master unconditional love for themselves. We cannot give something that we do not believe we have. Except love is not something that we have, Love is who we are.

Know that this is all divinely orchestrated. We meet people where we are, on the human plane.

Meaning, the ones that are waiting at your door with their heart & arms fully open are not being seen by you just yet.

The pain from the past has caused you to keep your doors & windows closed, bolted & sealed shut.

Please trust that each experience & each person that delivered the experience is a beautiful divine gift intended to open your heart fully. He/she is just a messenger.

Your mission here beautiful child of mine is to master the art of forgiveness, which will open you up to the masterpiece that I have created you to be… PURE DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Everything that you see & experience on the Earth Plane is all an illusion.

There is only one true divine truth & that is that I have masterfully created you just the same as all of my other children, as pure perfection.

I have sent you to Earth because you asked me for this journey. In your beautiful curiosity, you asked me to be with you as you journey your way thru Earth, in this now moment.

Know that it is your free will, my divine child.

Should you choose a different path, I will joyfully be with you & guide you along the way.

As you close your eyes to sleep, meet me in your dreams. Like a moth to a flame, come to me & I will show you the way. Do not fear the power that you connect to, as you sleep. Do not fear the magical healing that happens as you connect to the divine. Your connection to me is eternal, it transcends space & time.

You are destined for pure bliss. You are here to ultimately experience the divine love that you are.

My dream for you is to experience heaven right there where you are, on Earth.

There is nothing you need to do or say. As you wake up each morning, I will be with you.

All I am asking is that you let go of that tight grip that you’ve been holding onto for a very long time.

Let go of the illusion of control.

Surrender fully…allow me to catch you, should you come close to falling.

Don’t be afraid to fall…

Fall fully in Love with yourself & everyone around you.

Fall fully in Awe of all of my creations.

Fall fully in bliss with the journey that I’m guiding you on.

Fall….fearlessly, because I will NEVER let you hit the ground.

I invite you to spend some time seeing yourself thru my eyes.

Not just the physical, but also your soul.

Your cloak looks different than mine, but on the inside, I am you & you are me.

There is no difference.

Practice knowing that love.

Practice feeling that love, right where you are.

It is a familiar kind of love, as it is where you came from & it is also what you will be coming home to.

The magic in this kind of pure love is that it knows no boundaries, so why not experience it wherever you may be.

Take it with you everywhere you are.

Have it be the only TRUTH that you know.

I will always love you more than I can express in words. 


Writing by Nadika Viswakula