My best possible life is me waking up smiling, knowing that whatever comes to me today is called by my higher self (my spirit being).

I will choose to be in a constant state of bliss, love & joy.

Embracing the challenging times & appreciating them for creating an opportunity to experience contrast in life. The blissful times & the challenging times can be enjoyable when I know that the challenges are there for a purpose. It’s simply a hurdle for me to overcome to get me to step deeper into my higher self, my spirit being.

I am knowing that I am safe & taken care of by a power grander than I can comprehend in my mind.

That power is what guides me & gives me the knowledge to make decisions on my human journey.

I am a spirit being, on a human journey. I am embracing that my purpose here in this world is to have fun, be curious,  explore & to love abundantly.

I do not need to do or be anything or anybody to experience love. I AM LOVE.  When I am living aligned with who I am in truth, then I get to experience more of who I am….LOVE

I must believe it to see it.

I must believe the truth of who I am.  I am whole & complete, abundant love, in order to experience it in this world.

I am calling the shots.

Every experience is mine. I called for it, sometimes subconsciously.

I know that my title in this world does not matter. Nor my status. It is only how I feel that matters.

When I am feeling in a state of love, that is what I will have to offer to the world.

What a different world this would be if we all just owned our truth & acknowledged that no matter what is happening around me, it means nothing about me.

I do believe that me alone, just 1 person, has the power to make such grand shifts.

My focus is not to change the world but to shift the way that I see the world. The world is beautiful & abundant. I am always connected to all things within it. 

I can trust that the universe is taking care of things. There is no reason to create stress or anxiety. That is my egos way of dis-aligning me from my connection to the universe.


I am abundant.

I am whole & complete.

I am pure, innocent perfection.

I am eternally connected to the universe.

The entire universe is within me. I am a part of the oneness, powerful beyond measure. I am love <3

This state of alignment enhances every one of my experiences, in a romantic partnership, in business, with my family, my children, my co-workers, my neighbours & everyone else that  I encounter throughout my journey.

~ Naked Love Coach