“I just want to recognize Nadika’s healing abilities. She repaired my energy flow.

I was suffering from intense shoulder pain (needle-like) for about 4 -6 months.

X-rays, ultrasounds, and 2 doctors could not figure out my injury, never mind how to treat it.

I went to 8 chiro sessions, to several massage therapy sessions, did physio ( I myself hold a physio degree from S.A ), and accomplished nothing…zero progress.

It took Nadika one session of about 40- 50 minutes and right the next day I was able to start light weight-training, her healing abilities are fantastic I could feel her energy repairing my shoulder’s damage. I am now 2 weeks into weight lifting and reading to restart more intense hapkido practices.

Thanks a million, Nadika”

~ Carlos Chong Garcia, Vancouver, Canada

“In life, we rarely run into those who will take time to listen. No judgment, just listen. Listen to your life’s struggles, your pain, suffering, strengths, weaknesses, etc… And not only listen but listen with the intent to respond with words that will lift you up and make you feel like you’re able to conquer anything life throws at you. If you’re looking for that person, the Naked Love Coach is that person. Nadika will challenge everything you think you know about yourself and really get down to what’s deep inside. Good, bad and ugly, she will get it out into the open and help you realize what is holding you back from becoming your best self. I’ve known Nadika for a long time and she’s always been there to lend a listening ear. If you’re feeling like something is missing or any sort of confusion in your life, call the Naked Love Coach. You’ll be glad you did!”

~Matthew M., Nashville, Tennessee, USA

 “Nadika is a genuine Mentor that leads the way from a place of love and empathy and has caused a significant mind shift and change in energy levels in me. Her coaching methods are powerful and unique and I’d recommend her to anyone that wants to peel their layers like an onion and move the curtain drapes blocking their vision !! Nadika’s Belief system can and will change your life. Wish you the best!”

~Ashwin K , Vancouver, Canada

“She’s empathetic, compassionate and knows her stuff. She takes the time to understand you and your personal journey. She is non-judgmental and loves all. A true internalizer of her practice. Would recommend her to anyone who is soul searching.”

~ Jenna Thompson, Vancouver, Canada