Cuz I Got High

I’m pretty hooked on getting high off of life these days.

I wanted to share the story of my “perfect evening”. It started off as a great day. I had my best friend and her  4-year-old daughter (who happens to be my god-daughter) visiting me from the UK so I spent the day with them. Time with them always fills me up with so much joy, so I started to get high. Just being around children fills me up. Their energetic vibe, playfulness & curiosity is contagious. 

Some would say that it’s actually an optical illusion and that I got high on my own and that is why I attracted the amazing souls around me. Meaning, I have to be in a state of being open to receive love. I have to be in a state of love to know that I am deserving of it. It is then, that I attract people around me that enhance my happiness.  (I know that this can be a tough pill to swallow for some)

In the evening I had made plans with a different friend of mine who is also visiting Vancouver. Whenever this friend comes into town, a small group of our friends has a ritual of going out salsa dancing. A part of me was wanting to stay home and have a relaxing evening with my friend from the UK and the other part of me really wanted to see my other friends that were going to be out dancing. At about 10:30 pm, I made an executive decision to make a move and join my friends that were out salsa dancing. That felt like a big move on my part, considering the time and the fact that everyone was already there, plus I would have to head over to meet them on my own.

I left my house in a pair of work-out tights, a casual top and my dancing shoes. I spent no time on hair and makeup  (ladies, you know what a difference hair and makeup CAN make). Typically when I go out in the evenings I like to get dressed up. This night was all about exercise and some quality time with one of my BFF’s (best friends forever).

The 1st person that I saw when I walked into the venue was a guy that I had met a few times at the dog park. I don’t know him well at all besides a few conversations we had had at the dog park.  He recognized me, as I did him and he greeted me warmly. I had never seen him at this venue before or any venue for that matter, despite the fact that we live in the same neighbourhood.

I have learned to trust that the universe brings people together on purpose, for a purpose. I felt that the universe was nudging me to embrace this “chance meeting”, so I did.

I put my coat & my purse away so that I could join my friends on the dance floor. I walked over to my friends that I was originally supposed to meet, enjoyed a dance with them and still felt a call to connect with the guy from the dog park.

I ended up walking right over to him and asking him to dance. He told me that he doesn’t know how to dance to salsa music and I suggested to him that we could just dance to have fun and that I would be happy to introduce him to some of my friends that could possibly teach him some salsa moves if he was open to learning.  Moments later we were on the dance floor.

The smile on my face, and on his, was plastered for the entire night, my cheeks even hurt. We laughed, smiled and just had a blast being in the moment. I had only met him a couple of times in the physical form but I felt like I knew his soul. I felt so at home, safe and at ease with him. It was just so light and easy to be in his company. His confidence and free spirited nature was so contagious. I had just spent the day reinforcing that free-spiritedness within myself thru my interactions with my god-daughter and now I got to experience it in an adult interaction. I was on cloud nine.

The guy from the dog park left early (after a couple of dances). He left with his friends, to attend another event, and I continued having a blast with my other friends. We laughed and got silly and playful with each other. Again, my cheeks were hurting from all of the smiles and laughs (Trust me I am not complaining).

As I am dancing the night away with my friends, I see the guy from the dog park come and join my group of friends again, it turns out that the event that they were going to, was full and that they decided to come back and have a fun time with us.

Hmmmm, could this be the universe working it’s magic again?

I KNOW so. (I have learned to trust my inner guide, more and more each day)

As the end of the night came closer, our friends started leaving and somehow we ended up staying and dancing until the very end.  It felt like we were the only 2 people in the room. As far as I was concerned, we were.  The music had stopped and the venue had been closed for about 20 minutes when the doorman came to have a chat with us to ask us to kindly leave so that the staff could go home. One of my friends stayed with me and the 3 of us proceeded to make our way to our homes.

The energy of that day/night vibrated so high it lasted a few days for me. I was literally giddy for a few days post. Was it the guy from the dog park, my girlfriend from the UK, my 4- year-old god-daughter, my friends that I met up with at salsa dancing,  the dancing itself, myself, the moon, or maybe all of the above?

I embraced a huge learning lesson as I felt the need to keep the high going and re-create it the exact same way again. As if I was getting high off of this specific formula and I needed another hit of it to feel the same way.

I had momentarily forgotten that that high is innate within me. I can tap into it at any time. I am vibrant, I am abundant and when I am being loving to myself and shining brightly, I am open. And my love permeates into the world more freely. It is the power of my love that touches the souls of those around me and enhances their natural state of joy. It is a mutual exchange.

I was reminded to be grateful for all of my magical experiences that day/night and to really be present and live in the moment and not have an attachment to taking one moment into the next moment.

My day was beautiful and perfect and I am grateful for the experiences.  Thank you, universe. Thank you to every soul that graced me with their presence.

I am observing my personal growth on my journey and I am seeing the results of my self-love.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t leave the house until I felt I looked “perfect” with everything in place, hair and make-up done.

I would have never gone to a venue on my own (even if I was meeting people there).

I didn’t have the refined skill to hear my higher self/my internal guide who is always showing me the way (nudging me to get out and go dancing even though it was late in the evening. And to go talk to the guy from the dog park and ask him to dance)

I would have never approached a guy to ask him to dance for the fear of judgement. (I didn’t even have an intention besides dancing. What could I possibly have been afraid of? When I search deep within I know that I was afraid of rejection. Even if he had said “no” to dancing with me, it wouldn’t mean anything about me. My worth is intrinsic). Somehow my crazy ego mind had convinced me otherwise.

I used to be so afraid to just be me and not have a care in the world what other people were thinking. I was afraid to own my power.

There was a time when I wasn’t always aware of the power of gratitude. When I focus on the things that I love and that I am grateful for, I attract more of it into my life. That is a powerful lesson.

I look forward to creating more “perfect days” and embracing the not so perfect days with grace and love.

Thank you to each and every one of you that has graced my life and brought a smile to my face. It is the greatest gift you could give me. It is our society that teaches us that soul connections must be pursued as a romance or have a title of some sort. It doesn’t necessarily have to. Sometimes we come into each others lives only for a very short time, we gift people, and then we get called elsewhere. And in some instances, it could become a lifetime friendship or a life partnership that blossoms. Either way, it happens in divine timing and it is on purpose for a purpose.

I  will always know by listening to my internal guide. If I am unsure, I ask my higher-self a question and the answer will show up, some way, some how. And I will know for certain by the way that I feel. I will be in a state of “knowing”. I will feel certain, sure and at peace.  

In the mean time keep having fun and get high on this beautiful journey called life.

“Get high, be high, stay high. That is Bliss!”

                                                                         Naked Love Coach