Love & fear cannot co-exist. 

I am either in a state of pure unconditional love & unwavering faith OR I am operating from fear, at any given point in time.

These are the ONLY two options. Don’t allow yourself to be tricked into believing otherwise.

Love is free-flowing energy & feels free. Fear feels like static energy. 

Resistance resides in fear.  In other words, fear is the underlying emotion, if pure unconditional love is not present.

I am here to remind you that love, freedom & pure bliss reside within YOU at all times. It is the free-flowing energy that you are divinely connected to at all times. It resides in every fiber of your being.

With the current circumstances unfolding around the world, all of us are witnessing an attempt to take away our freedoms. I want to gently remind you that NOBODY is responsible for your feelings, but yourself. So even though, there is an attempt to physically restrict you from your freedom to choose, remember that your inner state of feeling free does not need to be affected.

And if it is…that’s totally ok. Be kind to yourself, find compassion for where you are in this now moment. 

Our responsibility is to evolve from this loss of feeling free and to choose the feeling of freedom, even within the physical illusion of losing our freedoms.

I mindfully chose the word “illusion” because all of our experiences in this 3D world are merely an “illusion”.

As we are evolving, ascending & shifting dimensions, our only responsibility is to find our way back to a state of pure love & inner peace. The energetic frequency of unconditional universal love is your only truth. It is the core of your entire existence, not only here on Earth, but also as you ascend into different dimensions. 

Pure love begins with you first. Connect to your inner joy. Do the things that make you smile & laugh. Be playful, curious & light with yourself. Life is not so serious. You are an eternal being & God is always holding you, no matter what. 

We are merely energy, borrowing this meat suit, having a plethora of different experiences, that we volunteered to come to Earth, to experience. We powerfully called for every single beautiful & challenging experience. The challenges serve a higher purpose, not only for ourselves but for humanity as a collective.

What we are observing playing out in our current world today is a call to connect to our divine selves…the place where we all meet as one. The place where I connect with God-consciousness & I inspire & invite those around me to join me on the journey. And together as one, we move towards our unique divine gifts, co-existing in unity & experiencing heaven, right here on Earth.

We are powerful together…united as one.

My personal freedom comes from letting go of attachments. I am working on releasing my attachments to people, both physically & emotionally, my attachments to things & expectations.

If I know for sure that I don’t NEED anything or anyone for my happiness, it allows me to enjoy the people & things that grace my life more abundantly, because my focus is on the present moment & not based on a fear of possibly losing them. 

They were never MINE in the first place! I hold my arms & my heart open to the abundance of everything that this world provides for me. I have gained my wings right here on Earth. Join me in flight, where all of my freedoms live on. 

Angel wings

Sweet Child of Mine.

In this now moment, I ask you to feel me with you, as you read each word that I am speaking.

My wish for you is to see & know yourself, the way that I know you…

The way that I created you, as pure perfection.

I want you to trust that I have never let you fall in the past & promise to always hold you in my arms & in my heart.

Even in moments when you may think that I’m not standing with you, I am here holding you, unwaveringly.

There is no need for stress or worry, set it all down & allow for me to carry the weight.

Allow for me to be your protector & your provider.

Everything that you have ever wanted is waiting for you.

All you need to do is surrender to receiving it.

Know that you are deserving of it.

Every single person that I have brought to you has been a divine teacher, sent FOR you.

Some have served you with love & others have not known how to serve you with love, as they are here on a very similar journey as you. They are also here to master unconditional love for themselves. We cannot give something that we do not believe we have. Except love is not something that we have, Love is who we are.

Know that this is all divinely orchestrated. We meet people where we are, on the human plane.

Meaning, the ones that are waiting at your door with their heart & arms fully open are not being seen by you just yet.

The pain from the past has caused you to keep your doors & windows closed, bolted & sealed shut.

Please trust that each experience & each person that delivered the experience is a beautiful divine gift intended to open your heart fully. He/she is just a messenger.

Your mission here beautiful child of mine is to master the art of forgiveness, which will open you up to the masterpiece that I have created you to be… PURE DIVINE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

Everything that you see & experience on the Earth Plane is all an illusion.

There is only one true divine truth & that is that I have masterfully created you just the same as all of my other children, as pure perfection.

I have sent you to Earth because you asked me for this journey. In your beautiful curiosity, you asked me to be with you as you journey your way thru Earth, in this now moment.

Know that it is your free will, my divine child.

Should you choose a different path, I will joyfully be with you & guide you along the way.

As you close your eyes to sleep, meet me in your dreams. Like a moth to a flame, come to me & I will show you the way. Do not fear the power that you connect to, as you sleep. Do not fear the magical healing that happens as you connect to the divine. Your connection to me is eternal, it transcends space & time.

You are destined for pure bliss. You are here to ultimately experience the divine love that you are.

My dream for you is to experience heaven right there where you are, on Earth.

There is nothing you need to do or say. As you wake up each morning, I will be with you.

All I am asking is that you let go of that tight grip that you’ve been holding onto for a very long time.

Let go of the illusion of control.

Surrender fully…allow me to catch you, should you come close to falling.

Don’t be afraid to fall…

Fall fully in Love with yourself & everyone around you.

Fall fully in Awe of all of my creations.

Fall fully in bliss with the journey that I’m guiding you on.

Fall….fearlessly, because I will NEVER let you hit the ground.

I invite you to spend some time seeing yourself thru my eyes.

Not just the physical, but also your soul.

Your cloak looks different than mine, but on the inside, I am you & you are me.

There is no difference.

Practice knowing that love.

Practice feeling that love, right where you are.

It is a familiar kind of love, as it is where you came from & it is also what you will be coming home to.

The magic in this kind of pure love is that it knows no boundaries, so why not experience it wherever you may be.

Take it with you everywhere you are.

Have it be the only TRUTH that you know.

I will always love you more than I can express in words. 


Writing by Nadika Viswakula

The short answer is YES. 

Anything & everything is a possibility when you live by the laws of the universe.

I want to start off by acknowledging that we are all spirit beings, here on Earth, borrowing our bodies, on this human journey.

With that duality, comes a duality of our realities.

I spent almost a year & a half of my life with someone that I could easily say was the love of my life. Everything about our union, in my perception, was easy & natural.

Then, at about the 1 year mark, when I initiated a discussion about “the future”, things rapidly changed.

As a spirit being, there is no past or future. There is only the NOW.

As a human being with a secure & anxious attachment style myself, I was seeking the security of a committed union. I wanted to know that my life partner will be there for me thru thick & thin & choose me & our union consistently, over & over again, with certainty.

I could feel that he wanted a committed union but there was a gap, between wanting it & knowing how to achieve it.

A KNOWING comes from your connection to God/universe, your higher self. 

And for him, his combined attachment style of Anxious & Avoidant, had him experiencing a constant state of anxiety, fear, & insecurity, which was blocking him from experiencing elevated levels of love, joy & security.

Research studies show that the different attachment styles are formed in the early years of life & are directly correlated with how an infant attaches to their primary caregiver, which is typically their mother.

(The descriptions below are taken from the book “Attached” by Amir Levine & Rachel S.F. Heller)

Secured: People feel comfortable with intimacy & are usually warm & loving.

Anxious: People are often pre-occupied with their relationships & tend to worry about their partner’s ability to love them back.

Avoidant: People equate intimacy with a loss of independence & constantly try to minimize closeness.

This is not a blame game. I can acknowledge that I also experience anxiety, fear & insecurity at times. The only difference is, I am committed to the process of moving thru my fears & choosing union in spite of my fears.

In a healthy monogamous union, you can support each other emotionally & navigate past the fears & start to experience safety, security, unconditional love & bliss, together in union. 

This takes COMMITMENT, not only to your own healing but also a commitment to your life partner & a commitment to creating the ideal relationship, one that BOTH you & your partner are working towards creating TOGETHER.

The ONLY reason our relationship stopped flourishing is because both people did not choose to commit.

It takes both parties to be fully committed to the process. You are only ever in control of your own choices. You cannot force or convince anybody to choose you, nor should you try.

For him, a person with an anxious & avoidant attachment style, it is like watching people walking on their own 2 feet & acknowledging that they can see people walking, but not knowing how to do it himself. Furthermore, not even knowing how to begin the process of learning how to walk himself. 

Walking is a completely foreign concept & doesn’t seem to have any familiarity, nor does it seem safe. 

Why would you choose to walk on 2 feet, when you can choose to walk on 2 feet & 2 hands, for more stability? Doesn’t that make more sense?

Even when they think they are walking, they are not.

Have you ever seen an infant crawl on all 4’s, not the traditional crawl with their knees on the ground, but the spider crawl with their butt up in the air? They are a little bit higher up than the traditional crawl, but not quite up on 2 feet yet. This is the evolution of a crawl before an infant starts building up the confidence to walk. 

The idea of walking seems doable yet completely scary, unstable & also completely foreign.

Imagine crawling your whole life for decades… Walking would give you a totally different physical & emotional experience. The lens in which you would see the world would be completely different.

(I invite you to get on all fours & give it a try. You will have a totally different view/perspective of the world).

No really, put down whatever device you are reading this on & just take a minute to crawl around. You will see things that you missed as a “walker” & you will also miss things that are no longer in your line of sight).

Your ego will try & convince you that walking is not for you. Walking was designed for everybody else, but you. It’s simply not true.


And one day, before you know it, you may even find yourself running & sprinting.

If you look at our ancestors, it is perceived that walking is a higher evolution of humanity than crawling. The same evolution as overcoming your fears & connecting to your higher state of consciousness, which is programmed to unlimited levels of bliss.

Each of us have the same birthright, to be happy, joyful & fulfilled. It is also important & our birthright to be in relationships.

We have the freedom of choice, to choose people that support us on that journey. 

I am very clear with wanting & choosing a romantic union that is monogamous & committed. 

That does not make anybody else’s choice bad or wrong. 

When choosing a life partner, their life choices & values will easily click in with yours…or not. Using this as a barometer is an ideal scenario.

At the same time, life throws us curve balls sometimes. 

For instance, in my experience, I was under the impression that my life partner was always committed to me, even when the signs were very clear that his programming had him spending more of his time running FROM me rather than towards me. Looking back, it seems like the deeper in-love I felt with him, the farther he pushed himself away from me. 

Each time there was devastating self-sabotage (on a subconscious level), I found a way to expand my level of unconditional love, acceptance & forgiveness. And every time I was successful at that, it seemed like he upped the ante. 

Of course all of these self sabotaging behaviours were unintentional on his part, but if you don’t believe that you are deserving of love, the ego will play mind tricks on you, to sabotage the very thing that is a source of love & joy. 

We played a game of cat & mouse for the majority of our relationship. I was always the cat. 

The cat wants the mouse, while the mouse wants the cheese.

If you each want different things then the answer is pretty clear, you are NOT moving in the same direction. 

If you are able to take a birds-eye view of this game of cat & mouse, you will see that both the pursuer & the pursued are playing out their trauma responses.

They would both love to find safety & security with each other in union, co-existing & sharing life together, but both of them have fears & hesitations getting in their way of experiencing a beautiful, secure, fun & playful experience together.

The key to overcoming the fears as mentioned above is to fully commit to the process of conquering & transforming your old programming & replacing it with the truth of who you are. It is most definitely a journey. But I promise, that with the right tools, it can be a fun & joyous journey with brief flashes/moments of adversity. Each adversity will be an opportunity to evolve to the next level of consciousness. Each adversity is an opportunity to replace the old programming with the new more loving & expansive programming.

I invite you to choose a committed union to practice & play, as you move thru this journey. Your ego will convince you to be in “unattached” relationships. That’s the egos ploy to keep you in the safe zone. Nothing amazing & epic happens in the safe zone.

I remember the feeling when it slipped out of my former life partners mouth, that he is shopping to buy property with a friend of his… 

After dedicating & committing more than 1.5 years of building a life together with him, nurturing him, loving him, being patient with his self sabotaging behaviour, all I asked from him, was to choose to turn to me instead of running.

In my perception, that was a very small ask.

I wanted to create a space to evolve, grow, make mistakes, feel scared & still have the capacity to turn TOWARDS each other, instead of running away.

I believed in his ability to evolve & succeed, more than he did in his abilities, at the time. 

This is where the importance of self love comes in. 

I had asked him if he would be open to taking steps towards strengthening our union by making tangible choices towards “committing”, by purchasing a place together, getting married or having a civil union & he chose to leave the relationship, instead of staying & building together, because my “need” for commitment scared him into oblivion.

He expressed that he felt his freedoms being taken away from him.

His choice to make a commitment with somebody else (his friend), doesn’t mean anything about me. 

It doesn’t even mean that he doesn’t love me.  

It just simply gives me insight into the lens in which he’s experiencing his world. 

He finds more comfort in making a commitment with someone that doesn’t know him intimately & someone that he doesn’t know intimately. That is a trauma response.  

His inner voice is telling him that this is the safest choice…the choice that will ensure that he won’t get hurt.

I’m sure you can agree that this is an ego mind fuck. The ability to get hurt is still very much a possibility.

In a union, love is not enough. 

There needs to be an unwavering commitment to each other & the relationship. 

It takes simple common sense to understand that if you water your own grass, it will flourish. If you water your neighbours lawn & not your own, their lawn will flourish.

If you want to build a life together in a monogamous union, then there is only room for 2 people in the union. 

You have the freedom to CHOOSE your life partner.

I am responsible for my own inner healing. I take responsibility for attracting someone with an anxious & avoidant attachment style who is not able or willing, at this time, to CHOOSE me unwaiveringly. It is my responsibility to process & release all of the emotions that come up for me when I think the thought that he is making steps towards commitment with somebody else & not me. 

It is up to him to heal his trauma around the thick walls he’s built around his heart that does not allow him the freedom to give & receive love from the most vulnerable & authentic space within himself.

Both people have wounds & at the same time both people are whole, perfect & complete, as they are.

It takes stepping fully into your power to look at your fears dead in the face & say, I am moving forward ANYWAYS. I am going to COMMIT TO STAY (physical abuse is an exemption), even when ALL of the voices in my head ask me to run.

If you imagine driving thru a storm, the most intense storm of your life…If you choose to pull over to the side of the road in the middle of the storm, you will spend more time in the storm. Whereas, if you muster up the courage to keep driving thru the storm, you will pass the storm & be able to see it in your rear-view mirror. It will be a thing of the past & you will have witnessed & experienced the strength & courage that it took to weather the storm.

Once you fully commit, the universe carries you the rest of the way.

This is with anything & everything, not only in relationships.

It’s interesting that the word “freedom” came to the surface because he’s expressed that his biggest fear with commitment is his loss of freedom. 

The most freeing feeling is releasing the shackles that you yourself have put on yourself. 

Nobody else has the power to shackle you!

You have always been free. 

The suffocation you feel is YOU sinching off the flow of love that YOU ARE. 

The more you give the more you get. 

If love is not flowing freely & in abundance, then check in with yourself. 

You are the source of all of the love that you are. And with that knowing, comes your ultimate freedom.

One of the most profound notions that I have learned on this short journey of mine here on Earth is that as human beings we are only ever acting & living from a state of LOVE OR FEAR.

Take a moment and really let that sink in…Every single one of us, with no exceptions, is only ever GIVING LOVE or CRYING OUT FOR LOVE at any given point in time.

When a baby cries for love we innately “know” what to do. We pick them up, we rock them, we sing to them….WE GIVE THEM LOVE.

When an adult cries for love, we have been conditioned by society to do the opposite. We walk away from them, we leave them alone, we “abandon” them. Forgetting that all this adult is doing is crying for love. What kind of world could we be living in if we made a shift in our old programming and practiced giving love to the adults in our lives that are crying for love.

If we can practice true unconditional love & acceptance by knowing who we are in truth, we ourselves will be living a more peaceful existence, no matter what is happening around us.

Rememeber that true inner peace is your birthright and it can be achieved no matter what kind of madness is happening in your surroundings.

How do I find inner peace when there is so much war and destruction around me, you ask??

Always know your truth…



On a soul level we are all pure love, innocent & brilliant beyond measure. WE ARE THE SAME. OUR WORTH IS INTRINSIC. WE ARE SOULS, BORROWING THIS BODY ON THIS HUMAN JOURNEY.

As humans many have forgotten who they are in truth, on a soul level. They have allowed for their light to be dimmed. These are the “humans” that walk this Earth thriving off of destruction and pain.But this “thriving of destruction” is only an illusion. What it really is, is a cry for love. See them beyond their human form. See them as a soul, the same as you and me. It is on this level of pure love, that we can start to heal ourselves and the world that we live in.

True compassion is sending love to all of those in need. The “terrorist” is in need of just as much love as the victim, in fact more. They are living farther from their truth.The bully has a deep seeded belief that they are unloveable and that is what is their driving force. What if we gave them the opposite of what they believe they are deserving of? Practice this on an energetic level first. Find the foregiveness, love compassion for all beings, within yourself consciously, then maybe one day, we would be able to physically express that love by possibly giving the “bully” a hug for example.

Every single one of us KNOWS what love & bliss feels like because it is where we each of us came from. It is a familiar feeling. We are innately drawn to love.

Just remember that if you are living in state of hate and anger then you are the one holding onto those “negative” emotions inside of your body. And that is like drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die.

If you can reach deep down inside and find forgiveness, love, and compassion for all beings, no matter their actions, you will instantly be receiving that forgiveness, love & compassion for yourself. And we can all use a little more of that in our lives.

I do not condone poor behaviour, terrorism, bullying etc. Those are unacceptable behaviours. Yet, who we are on a soul level remains unwavering. And if we lived more powerfully from this one truth, we would naturally have more love & bliss in this world.
Love is the answer to every single question.

Sending #SriLanka some extra love during this challenging time.

I can say this with absolute conviction…Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. The energy of the island itself & the people that reside on it is absolutely vibrant. Even when there was a Civil War going on, it felt so peaceful and full of pure joy & love. I am of Sri Lankan descent. I was not born or raised there, yet I resided there for 2 months in my adult life, it was a magical experience. It is still one of my favourite places to travel to.
~ Naked Love Coach

I received the perfect lesson of how busyness creates deep blockages to LOVE!

I woke up today feeling filled with love & abundance. I decided to extend it outward to a friend who had expressed to me that he has been feeling overwhelmed & stressed by his life. I  forwarded (via text) a beautiful inspirational quote, which was about 2 sentences in length. What I received back was not what I imagined. I received a series of 5 different text messages telling me how my forward was imposing on their time, they were too busy in their day to stop & read quotes. I think it’s easy to see that the intention behind me sending the message was lost in translation. I can’t say for sure what they were thinking/feeling but I do know that the text messages that I received in return were not an extension of love. Which could only mean, they were in fear mode.

Anytime we choose to react from a place other than love, it is based on fear!

Another great example of a similar interaction was shared with me during a coaching session. ( I was working with an adult male, who was processing his experience by going back to his childhood memories)

A little boy was playing outside by himself and found a rock that he was very excited to share with his father. He brought it into the house and excitedly started to tell his story about his special rock that he had found. The boys’ father was working on his computer at the time and decided that he was too busy with work to pay any attention. Without breaking his gaze from his computer screen, he shushed his son and asked him to keep playing outside, letting him know that dad is too busy with work.

That little boy is now a grown man & remembers that day vividly in his memory. Little did he or his dad realize, that that moment would be a defining moment in his life. That was a day that that little boy created a core belief in himself. He told himself that he can’t do anything right & that nothing he does is good enough.

Children innately make everything about them. That is what we all do as children. We all walk around today, as adults, with a series of core beliefs about the self that we created at a very young age. Then we walk into the world trying to gather evidence that this is true about us. This happens on a subconscious level.

Thankfully there is only ONE truth. I am Love and so are you!

If we all chose to live from a place of love and peace, we would understand that busyness stems from a whole bunch of useless thoughts.

“If I don’t finish this project by…..”

“I need to get this file in by….”

“I have to get this client to sign…”

“I need to close this sale…”

Those are all fear-based thoughts. What if they didn’t get done exactly as you planned? Believe me, nothing “bad” would happen. The world would still revolve & you will survive. You will still be love & light, whole, perfect & complete.

If the sale didn’t get closed today, it wasn’t meant to close today. Don’t cause yourself harm by forgetting that the universe never makes mistakes. This doesn’t mean that we walk through our day unmotivated, it is okay to have a guideline. The key is to not give away your peace trying to attain something. The sole purpose would be lost.

I get it, this all sounds easier said than done. Go easy on yourself, you didn’t build these blocks to love overnight so it will take some time & practice to chisel away at the blocks.

Busyness starts and ends in our minds….we are perceiving that something needs to be completed now!

Meditation is an excellent way to clear those busy thoughts and ideas out of your mind. I sit in stillness and embrace all thoughts to pass through, I then choose the ones that don’t serve me and kindly escort them out of my mind.

This exercise of the mind brings me a clearer awareness of the things that bring me true happiness and joy in life.

For me, that is bringing a smile upon a persons face, laughing, connecting…. I can be doing this while I close the sale!

I believe that most parents intentions are to provide their children with a loving and nurturing environment to grow up in. You as the parent need to create that for yourself first before you can provide it for someone else.

This is just a gentle reminder to all of you to love yourself first. Relax, and enjoy life. Busyness and stress cause physical and mental harm to you and those around you. There is nothing loving about that! If you forget, don’t be hard on yourself, dust yourself off and choose a peaceful path.

Remember that your most important “job” in life brings you, Love and Peace!

He’s Just Not That Into Me


As I type the words & feel the emotions behind the words “He’s Just Not That Into Me” the tears start pouring down my cheeks. Every word I just typed has a deeper meaning. A meaning & a story that I gave it. I attached the meaning to each word.

“He’s Just Not That Into Me” = “I am not enough”

                                                               “There’s something wrong with me”                                                                  

                                                                “I am not loveable”

As I practice self-love & acceptance, I embracing every emotion as it shows up. My practice is to do the inner work to stay in a constant state of bliss.

Bliss is my birthright & I am deserving of it.

Sometime’s to get to the bliss I must work thru the blocks, that I myself have created.

I created the block, it’s my responsibility to remove it if I want to return to my truth, which is LOVE

It’s amazing how when I’m single it’s easy to live in the illusion of a more constant state of bliss. It has been my experience that my inner peace is challenged, as my fears come to surface more when I am in a romantic relationship.

The universe never makes mistakes in delivering me the perfect man to guide me on my healing journey.

I want to clarify that I take full ownership that the healing is mine, the lessons are mine, the limiting beliefs & blocks to love are mine. The other person is just holding up the mirror for me to look deep within & love myself deeper & more purely than I have been.

As I expand my level of awareness, I have immense gratitude for every single person I attract into my life, at any capacity.  We are all here to serve each other. It is a continuous practice for me to release attachment on how long people stay in my life. Not everyone is meant to be in our lives for a lifetime. Some people are just as impactful being in my life for a shorter period of time. Sometimes they are only there to serve one specific purpose & when that act of service is complete, they are meant to move on.

It’s a brilliant practice to keep an open door policy for people to come & go as they please… as long as when you check in with your higher self, it feels like a loving interaction & it serves a loving purpose.  

Loving interactions are a choice for the most part. We get to choose how we perceive people & situations.

Even if the interaction seemed negative at the time I look for the silver lining, the act of service, the hidden lesson they taught me. I appreciate & acknowledge the love I felt in their presence, even if it was brief.

Gratitude & forgiveness has immense healing power & it permeates in every fiber of our being. It even has the power to heal ailments in our body.

If I process the emotion (the reason for the tears rolling down my cheeks), the circumstance becomes quite matter of fact. When someone chooses me to be in their life, they will do whatever it takes to make it work, even though their ego will be wanting to sabotage the bliss.

Especially men, they are hard-wired to hunt & are very diligent in doing whatever it takes to get what they want. It’s a beautiful thing about masculine energy. And quite different to women, men will tell you exactly what they mean. If he is telling you that he doesn’t want a commitment, he means exactly that. He is choosing not to choose you.  Us women tend to speak in code & we also change our mind quite often. Again, these have been studied to be traits of masculine & feminine energy & it is what it is. The more we learn about the differences, the better we can understand each other.

It’s a great skill to learn how to balance both energies within yourself, as each sex has both masculine & feminine energies.

When he is not choosing you, it could mean that you are not the one for him or he’s not in a space to do the inner work to know that he is deserving of the gift that the universe has delivered to him.

The gift is the union of your 2 souls being brought together for a higher purpose.

If he/she can’t embrace it then you are better off opening yourself up to someone who knows they are deserving. There is no need for resentment. Remember “He’s just not that into me” means nothing about me at all.

You are whole perfect & complete,  as are they. They are just not ready to accept that truth for themselves.

When I remove the emotional attachment & the crazy story that there is something wrong with me, that I’m not loveable & or that I am not enough, I can turn it around and have love & compassion for someone who is forgetting who they are in truth.

If I can encourage him to feel the love for even just one moment, then the purpose for us coming together has been served.

I am love & light. My purpose is to shine my light on this world. I can only do that when I am living in love myself.


Dear Self,

Thank you for committing to giving yourself a break, giving love so fearlessly to yourself & out in the world.

You are one of the kindest souls. It is your courage to be vulnerable, raw & authentic that makes you so relatable. You are a safe place for many to be held in love & in truth.

Though you’ve experienced that sometimes people take your kindness for weakness, you choose to still give of yourself completely, without reservation. There is a sense of wholeness that comes over you when you are giving of yourself abundantly. You are knowing that your love never runs out, which makes it easier for you to keep giving.

You have fully enveloped the notion that you are a part of the oneness that is. You KNOW that at the core you are the same as all other beings. You are unique in your gifts & in your journey, yet your worth is intrinsic, just the same as everybody else’s.

This is a time in your life that you’re choosing to really own your gifts & your purpose in this world. Keep up the good work. I am proud of you for re-writing your story, being so open & adventurous on your journey. Life is meant to be fun & adventurous.  Your trust in the universe is letting you experience this sense of freedom. You are more trusting of a higher power holding you & guiding you on your path. Keep having fun & being child-like in your exploration.  Keep working on being fearless in all of your pursuits.

You are such a bright light in this world that is empowering so many to shine their bright light onto the world. You are brilliant, funny, silly, courageous, kind, loving & so generous of yourself. I watch you grow & love more deeply every single day.

Cuz I Got High

I’m pretty hooked on getting high off of life these days.

I wanted to share the story of my “perfect evening”. It started off as a great day. I had my best friend and her  4-year-old daughter (who happens to be my god-daughter) visiting me from the UK so I spent the day with them. Time with them always fills me up with so much joy, so I started to get high. Just being around children fills me up. Their energetic vibe, playfulness & curiosity is contagious. 

Some would say that it’s actually an optical illusion and that I got high on my own and that is why I attracted the amazing souls around me. Meaning, I have to be in a state of being open to receive love. I have to be in a state of love to know that I am deserving of it. It is then, that I attract people around me that enhance my happiness.  (I know that this can be a tough pill to swallow for some)

In the evening I had made plans with a different friend of mine who is also visiting Vancouver. Whenever this friend comes into town, a small group of our friends has a ritual of going out salsa dancing. A part of me was wanting to stay home and have a relaxing evening with my friend from the UK and the other part of me really wanted to see my other friends that were going to be out dancing. At about 10:30 pm, I made an executive decision to make a move and join my friends that were out salsa dancing. That felt like a big move on my part, considering the time and the fact that everyone was already there, plus I would have to head over to meet them on my own.

I left my house in a pair of work-out tights, a casual top and my dancing shoes. I spent no time on hair and makeup  (ladies, you know what a difference hair and makeup CAN make). Typically when I go out in the evenings I like to get dressed up. This night was all about exercise and some quality time with one of my BFF’s (best friends forever).

The 1st person that I saw when I walked into the venue was a guy that I had met a few times at the dog park. I don’t know him well at all besides a few conversations we had had at the dog park.  He recognized me, as I did him and he greeted me warmly. I had never seen him at this venue before or any venue for that matter, despite the fact that we live in the same neighbourhood.

I have learned to trust that the universe brings people together on purpose, for a purpose. I felt that the universe was nudging me to embrace this “chance meeting”, so I did.

I put my coat & my purse away so that I could join my friends on the dance floor. I walked over to my friends that I was originally supposed to meet, enjoyed a dance with them and still felt a call to connect with the guy from the dog park.

I ended up walking right over to him and asking him to dance. He told me that he doesn’t know how to dance to salsa music and I suggested to him that we could just dance to have fun and that I would be happy to introduce him to some of my friends that could possibly teach him some salsa moves if he was open to learning.  Moments later we were on the dance floor.

The smile on my face, and on his, was plastered for the entire night, my cheeks even hurt. We laughed, smiled and just had a blast being in the moment. I had only met him a couple of times in the physical form but I felt like I knew his soul. I felt so at home, safe and at ease with him. It was just so light and easy to be in his company. His confidence and free spirited nature was so contagious. I had just spent the day reinforcing that free-spiritedness within myself thru my interactions with my god-daughter and now I got to experience it in an adult interaction. I was on cloud nine.

The guy from the dog park left early (after a couple of dances). He left with his friends, to attend another event, and I continued having a blast with my other friends. We laughed and got silly and playful with each other. Again, my cheeks were hurting from all of the smiles and laughs (Trust me I am not complaining).

As I am dancing the night away with my friends, I see the guy from the dog park come and join my group of friends again, it turns out that the event that they were going to, was full and that they decided to come back and have a fun time with us.

Hmmmm, could this be the universe working it’s magic again?

I KNOW so. (I have learned to trust my inner guide, more and more each day)

As the end of the night came closer, our friends started leaving and somehow we ended up staying and dancing until the very end.  It felt like we were the only 2 people in the room. As far as I was concerned, we were.  The music had stopped and the venue had been closed for about 20 minutes when the doorman came to have a chat with us to ask us to kindly leave so that the staff could go home. One of my friends stayed with me and the 3 of us proceeded to make our way to our homes.

The energy of that day/night vibrated so high it lasted a few days for me. I was literally giddy for a few days post. Was it the guy from the dog park, my girlfriend from the UK, my 4- year-old god-daughter, my friends that I met up with at salsa dancing,  the dancing itself, myself, the moon, or maybe all of the above?

I embraced a huge learning lesson as I felt the need to keep the high going and re-create it the exact same way again. As if I was getting high off of this specific formula and I needed another hit of it to feel the same way.

I had momentarily forgotten that that high is innate within me. I can tap into it at any time. I am vibrant, I am abundant and when I am being loving to myself and shining brightly, I am open. And my love permeates into the world more freely. It is the power of my love that touches the souls of those around me and enhances their natural state of joy. It is a mutual exchange.

I was reminded to be grateful for all of my magical experiences that day/night and to really be present and live in the moment and not have an attachment to taking one moment into the next moment.

My day was beautiful and perfect and I am grateful for the experiences.  Thank you, universe. Thank you to every soul that graced me with their presence.

I am observing my personal growth on my journey and I am seeing the results of my self-love.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t leave the house until I felt I looked “perfect” with everything in place, hair and make-up done.

I would have never gone to a venue on my own (even if I was meeting people there).

I didn’t have the refined skill to hear my higher self/my internal guide who is always showing me the way (nudging me to get out and go dancing even though it was late in the evening. And to go talk to the guy from the dog park and ask him to dance)

I would have never approached a guy to ask him to dance for the fear of judgement. (I didn’t even have an intention besides dancing. What could I possibly have been afraid of? When I search deep within I know that I was afraid of rejection. Even if he had said “no” to dancing with me, it wouldn’t mean anything about me. My worth is intrinsic). Somehow my crazy ego mind had convinced me otherwise.

I used to be so afraid to just be me and not have a care in the world what other people were thinking. I was afraid to own my power.

There was a time when I wasn’t always aware of the power of gratitude. When I focus on the things that I love and that I am grateful for, I attract more of it into my life. That is a powerful lesson.

I look forward to creating more “perfect days” and embracing the not so perfect days with grace and love.

Thank you to each and every one of you that has graced my life and brought a smile to my face. It is the greatest gift you could give me. It is our society that teaches us that soul connections must be pursued as a romance or have a title of some sort. It doesn’t necessarily have to. Sometimes we come into each others lives only for a very short time, we gift people, and then we get called elsewhere. And in some instances, it could become a lifetime friendship or a life partnership that blossoms. Either way, it happens in divine timing and it is on purpose for a purpose.

I  will always know by listening to my internal guide. If I am unsure, I ask my higher-self a question and the answer will show up, some way, some how. And I will know for certain by the way that I feel. I will be in a state of “knowing”. I will feel certain, sure and at peace.  

In the mean time keep having fun and get high on this beautiful journey called life.

“Get high, be high, stay high. That is Bliss!”

                                                                         Naked Love Coach

My name is Nadika,  I was born in Italy to Sri Lankan born parents. I don’t have much memory of my first two years of life in Italy, but I have been told by many that I was a very easy-going baby, always smiling, happy and extremely social with everyone.

Most of my memories are from my time living in Vancouver, we came here when I was two. Both of my parents, together, chose to leave Italy and migrate to Vancouver, Canada to educate me in English. My mom is a pre-school teacher and I attended the same school that she taught at from the age of 2.5years old until bout 8 years of age. It is a private school, smaller in size, in comparison to public schools. I vividly remember my experiences there as being very loving, united, and safe. The school only taught up to grade 3 at the time and I was then placed into the public school system in an area that was very far away from where my family lived. The school was in a very affluent part of the city and if it wasn’t for my moms work address being close to that school district, they would have denied me entry. It was a rule that you had to live in the area to attend that school.

My experiences at this school are some of the most traumatic and memorable of my life, to date. It was the first time that I remember feeling alone, scared and different. I was bullied by the children at my school for the color of my skin, and the way that I dressed. I had no idea that I had to look a certain way to fit in. I remember wanting soooo badly for my name to be Sara, along with the other 6 Saras in my class. I have vivid memories of wanting to be different than I was. I was embarrassed to be me, and I wanted different skin, hair and even wanted a different family.

My parents and I were “immigrants” and “they” just did not know how to fit in. I have memories of waiting after school for hours, all by myself, sometimes in the cold, for my mom to come and pick me up from school. Of course, it had to be after she finished work. School got out at 3pm and she finished work at 4:30pm. It was the longest 1.5 hours of my life, every day, 5 days a week. Some days it would be close to 5pm before I got picked up. I would hear stories of what other children were up to, taking classes, playing, having play dates, sleepovers etc. I was never a part of any of it. To me, that was just a fantasy life, a dream. I played on the monkey bars outside and mastered them on my own, and when it was cold I would curl up under the staircase and just hang out. I remember wishing so desperately for a different life.  On the weekends my social life consisted of hanging out with my parent’s friends and sometimes their friend’s kids if they had any.

My parents would always share their stories of their struggle and how they had very little money and had to sell their belongings and work very hard to get to where they were in their life. Every day was a grind and the stresses of money were no secret in our household. I could see my parent’s exhaustion, frustration, and desperation to provide for me and give me “everything”.   It just never seemed enough and I sensed a feeling of drowning while keeping up the facade of making ends meet. My dad spent countless dollars, time and energy in a business that just didn’t make it. I heard a dialogue of frustration, taking buses and commuting over 3 hours in a day back and forth, to and from work, in the dark. Hitching rides with co-workers, packing lunches, getting home in the dark, cooking dinner, helping with homework, waking up early, and only to do it all again the next day. It was busy, and at times, a chaotic household. In the evenings while we ate dinner, it was a habit for all of us to sit in front of the tv to unwind. I think this was more of an opportunity for my parents to unwind.

I have fond memories of us snuggled on the couch….that was our family time. Another fond memory was being a 6- year- old cashier at my dad’s convenient store, in the evenings. Everyone seemed amazed at my ability to work the register, count cash and bag their groceries at such a young age. I felt the connection to each customer and sometimes I would even get a couple of pennies as a tip. It was a feeling of connection, a feeling of acknowledgment and one of validation. Everyone left with a big smile, and I helped to put it there.

I still don’t think my parents have any idea of the challenges I experienced, being in the public school system, and being faced with bullies. I found it very foreign that most all of the children that attended my elementary school was so focused on the designer labels on their clothing and coordinating outfits with each other, for school the next day. Of course, I was not invited to be a part of any of this. My parents couldn’t afford designer clothing. I wore hand-me-downs and I remember specifically being told that I had to wear the same outfit two days in a row before it went into the wash because we couldn’t afford to do laundry that often. My parents just didn’t seem to understand what I needed in order to fit in. When I got to high-school, I insisted on going to a school closer to my home. I put up a fight, and my parents finally agreed. I remember walking into that school not knowing anybody….not even 1 person. No one to sit beside for comfort, I didn’t even know a single childs name in my neighbourhood. I was not home enough to get to know my neighbours.

This was my fresh start, my blank slate. I wouldn’t call myself the most popular kid in high-school, but my experiences seemed to be a lot more bearable, and eventually I started to grow into my own skin. I think it was in high-school when I realized for myself that I can choose my own experiences. I wanted so badly to just be given an opportunity, a moment to shine, express myself and just be me. I wanted to express kindness and connect because I knew how much it hurt to feel the opposite. It has been a long and grueling journey of healing the pain of feeling victimized over and over again. I let that old story define me for many years. I found myself feeling the same emotion over and over again with several people that were around me, including my first romantic love and my second romantic love, both of them “taking advantage of me” emotionally, and financially…..a constant feeling of being victimized and taken advantage of. Both relationships were exactly the same, no difference…..I was the common denominator. I own my part in this journey and attracting these experiences.

I attracted life partners who bullied me and kept me in that familiar place. I have the skill set now, to no longer play a victim to my circumstances. Those are old stories that created limiting beliefs as a child and they no longer serve me. This is merely my journey and every part of it has gotten me to where I am today. Today I embrace uniquenesses in myself and others… is my gift.

I was put here on earth, during my human experience to encourage others to embrace their uniquenesses, talents, passions and to live them daily, while they are alive, living this human experience. I can see the light in others because I choose to see the light in me. In order to teach this, I commit to living and modelling it myself. I commit to living my life openly, presently, and abundantly!

Today as I write this I KNOW with conviction that I am strong, powerful, whole and complete. Nothing was ever wrong with me, and nothing ever will be wrong with me. In the past, I have over-compensated my kindness by giving to others before I gave to myself and that left me feeling empty. This is something I grew up hearing my mother say “We gave up everything to give you this life”, “everything I do is for you guys”, I watched her model this belief, over and over again. I now know that it is healthier for me to give love to myself first and extend the overflow outwards.

Today I can proudly know that I am whole, I am healthy and I am abundantly wealthy.  I can say with absolute certainty that I am made of abundant love. I love my name and can say it with pride. I love my skin color, and I am perfect just the way that I am, and nothing needs to change….ever.

Today I know that I have a choice; a choice to remember that I am here on this earth on purpose, for a purpose.

I wish to empower parents to take the time to educate themselves on the impact that their words and their actions have on their children’s development. Parents, your time and your undivided attention are more powerful than anything you could ever buy for your child.

We are living in a time where it is imperative to create an entrepreneurial mindset in ourselves and our children. It is no longer feasible to trade in our time for money, the world is rapidly changing and developing in a format that I need to be able to think outside of the box to make it. It is the time to embrace my uniquenesses and share them with the world. There is no one in this world that shares my exact story and my exact experiences. These are unique to me, therefore, what I have to offer is unique.

I know with all of my heart that my parents had the best intentions at heart and they did the best that they knew how at the time. I had created beliefs around financial lack, growing up hearing the dialogue around it. I also observed the attitude of arrogance, competitiveness, and disconnect with people that I perceived as financially wealthy. It has taken some work to unlearn old beliefs and find the balance of being kind, being humble and being financially abundant.  I now have a genuine belief in abundance and know that there is enough in this world for all of us to live our dream life.

In my dream life, I see unity and working together, having fun and just BEING…..being open, being expressive, being love.

I now have a blog, encouraging parents to take things back to the basics, clearing old limiting beliefs and replacing them with beliefs of abundance.  You will be modeling this for your children.

My “why” is to leave a legacy of empowerment with each and every person that comes into my life. I wish for people to see their own potential and to push past their barriers and live a life of abundance! This legacy can live far longer than my existence….that is my wish, that we all keep paying it forward.

I hold you in the light!

My best possible life is me waking up smiling, knowing that whatever comes to me today is called by my higher self (my spirit being).

I will choose to be in a constant state of bliss, love & joy.

Embracing the challenging times & appreciating them for creating an opportunity to experience contrast in life. The blissful times & the challenging times can be enjoyable when I know that the challenges are there for a purpose. It’s simply a hurdle for me to overcome to get me to step deeper into my higher self, my spirit being.

I am knowing that I am safe & taken care of by a power grander than I can comprehend in my mind.

That power is what guides me & gives me the knowledge to make decisions on my human journey.

I am a spirit being, on a human journey. I am embracing that my purpose here in this world is to have fun, be curious,  explore & to love abundantly.

I do not need to do or be anything or anybody to experience love. I AM LOVE.  When I am living aligned with who I am in truth, then I get to experience more of who I am….LOVE

I must believe it to see it.

I must believe the truth of who I am.  I am whole & complete, abundant love, in order to experience it in this world.

I am calling the shots.

Every experience is mine. I called for it, sometimes subconsciously.

I know that my title in this world does not matter. Nor my status. It is only how I feel that matters.

When I am feeling in a state of love, that is what I will have to offer to the world.

What a different world this would be if we all just owned our truth & acknowledged that no matter what is happening around me, it means nothing about me.

I do believe that me alone, just 1 person, has the power to make such grand shifts.

My focus is not to change the world but to shift the way that I see the world. The world is beautiful & abundant. I am always connected to all things within it. 

I can trust that the universe is taking care of things. There is no reason to create stress or anxiety. That is my egos way of dis-aligning me from my connection to the universe.


I am abundant.

I am whole & complete.

I am pure, innocent perfection.

I am eternally connected to the universe.

The entire universe is within me. I am a part of the oneness, powerful beyond measure. I am love <3

This state of alignment enhances every one of my experiences, in a romantic partnership, in business, with my family, my children, my co-workers, my neighbours & everyone else that  I encounter throughout my journey.

~ Naked Love Coach