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Is a monogamous & committed union with an individual that has an anxious & avoidant attachment style even possible?

The short answer is YES.  Anything & everything is a possibility when you live by the laws of the universe. I want to start off by acknowledging that we are all spirit beings, here on Earth, borrowing our bodies, on this human journey. With that duality, comes a duality of our realities. I spent almost […]

Busyness Is A Block to Love!

I received the perfect lesson of how busyness creates deep blockages to LOVE! I woke up today feeling filled with love & abundance. I decided to extend it outward to a friend who had expressed to me that he has been feeling overwhelmed & stressed by his life. I  forwarded (via text) a beautiful inspirational […]

A Love Letter to Myself <3

Dear Self, Thank you for committing to giving yourself a break, giving love so fearlessly to yourself & out in the world. You are one of the kindest souls. It is your courage to be vulnerable, raw & authentic that makes you so relatable. You are a safe place for many to be held in […]

Cuz I Got High

Cuz I Got High I’m pretty hooked on getting high off of life these days. I wanted to share the story of my “perfect evening”. It started off as a great day. I had my best friend and her  4-year-old daughter (who happens to be my god-daughter) visiting me from the UK so I spent […]

My Story Lead Me To My Why

My name is Nadika,  I was born in Italy to Sri Lankan born parents. I don’t have much memory of my first two years of life in Italy, but I have been told by many that I was a very easy-going baby, always smiling, happy and extremely social with everyone. Most of my memories are […]

My Best Possible Life

My best possible life is me waking up smiling, knowing that whatever comes to me today is called by my higher self (my spirit being). I will choose to be in a constant state of bliss, love & joy. Embracing the challenging times & appreciating them for creating an opportunity to experience contrast in life. […]