Nadika Viswakula

I pride myself in being an intuitive, a bit of a modern day hippie.

I have studied an array of alternative types of healing, that I swear, has transformed my life & the lives of the people that I have had the honour of working with.

I didn’t always feel this level of love, connection & pure joy in my life.

I have been an Entrepreneur from a young age which lead me down several different paths of financial success. But there was always a small piece missing from the puzzle.

As I explored, seeked & delved deeper within myself I found the true essence of my being….which is what ultimately enhanced my levels of love, connection & joy.

I learned how to bridge the gap from “getting what I want” to “attracting what I deserve”

What I am attracting into my life today, is far grander than what I ever imagined possible for myself.

I learned how to get out of my head & into my heart.

I want to be your sherpa, because I have been where you are, believing my old programming & limiting beliefs.

I work with individuals that are connected & committed to their unique gift & purpose in the world.  People that have an awareness that there is more to life than what meets the eye. Connecting the heart & the mind, understanding the role of each.

If you are in need of some tools for self love, because you have been putting yourself on the back burner for years, I would be happy to guide you on a journey to mastering yourself…the things that naturally elevate your levels of love, connection & inner joy.