Dear Self,

Thank you for committing to giving yourself a break, giving love so fearlessly to yourself & out in the world.

You are one of the kindest souls. It is your courage to be vulnerable, raw & authentic that makes you so relatable. You are a safe place for many to be held in love & in truth.

Though you’ve experienced that sometimes people take your kindness for weakness, you choose to still give of yourself completely, without reservation. There is a sense of wholeness that comes over you when you are giving of yourself abundantly. You are knowing that your love never runs out, which makes it easier for you to keep giving.

You have fully enveloped the notion that you are a part of the oneness that is. You KNOW that at the core you are the same as all other beings. You are unique in your gifts & in your journey, yet your worth is intrinsic, just the same as everybody else’s.

This is a time in your life that you’re choosing to really own your gifts & your purpose in this world. Keep up the good work. I am proud of you for re-writing your story, being so open & adventurous on your journey. Life is meant to be fun & adventurous.  Your trust in the universe is letting you experience this sense of freedom. You are more trusting of a higher power holding you & guiding you on your path. Keep having fun & being child-like in your exploration.  Keep working on being fearless in all of your pursuits.

You are such a bright light in this world that is empowering so many to shine their bright light onto the world. You are brilliant, funny, silly, courageous, kind, loving & so generous of yourself. I watch you grow & love more deeply every single day.