Love & fear cannot co-exist. 

I am either in a state of pure unconditional love & unwavering faith OR I am operating from fear, at any given point in time.

These are the ONLY two options. Don’t allow yourself to be tricked into believing otherwise.

Love is free-flowing energy & feels free. Fear feels like static energy. 

Resistance resides in fear.  In other words, fear is the underlying emotion, if pure unconditional love is not present.

I am here to remind you that love, freedom & pure bliss reside within YOU at all times. It is the free-flowing energy that you are divinely connected to at all times. It resides in every fiber of your being.

With the current circumstances unfolding around the world, all of us are witnessing an attempt to take away our freedoms. I want to gently remind you that NOBODY is responsible for your feelings, but yourself. So even though, there is an attempt to physically restrict you from your freedom to choose, remember that your inner state of feeling free does not need to be affected.

And if it is…that’s totally ok. Be kind to yourself, find compassion for where you are in this now moment. 

Our responsibility is to evolve from this loss of feeling free and to choose the feeling of freedom, even within the physical illusion of losing our freedoms.

I mindfully chose the word “illusion” because all of our experiences in this 3D world are merely an “illusion”.

As we are evolving, ascending & shifting dimensions, our only responsibility is to find our way back to a state of pure love & inner peace. The energetic frequency of unconditional universal love is your only truth. It is the core of your entire existence, not only here on Earth, but also as you ascend into different dimensions. 

Pure love begins with you first. Connect to your inner joy. Do the things that make you smile & laugh. Be playful, curious & light with yourself. Life is not so serious. You are an eternal being & God is always holding you, no matter what. 

We are merely energy, borrowing this meat suit, having a plethora of different experiences, that we volunteered to come to Earth, to experience. We powerfully called for every single beautiful & challenging experience. The challenges serve a higher purpose, not only for ourselves but for humanity as a collective.

What we are observing playing out in our current world today is a call to connect to our divine selves…the place where we all meet as one. The place where I connect with God-consciousness & I inspire & invite those around me to join me on the journey. And together as one, we move towards our unique divine gifts, co-existing in unity & experiencing heaven, right here on Earth.

We are powerful together…united as one.

My personal freedom comes from letting go of attachments. I am working on releasing my attachments to people, both physically & emotionally, my attachments to things & expectations.

If I know for sure that I don’t NEED anything or anyone for my happiness, it allows me to enjoy the people & things that grace my life more abundantly, because my focus is on the present moment & not based on a fear of possibly losing them. 

They were never MINE in the first place! I hold my arms & my heart open to the abundance of everything that this world provides for me. I have gained my wings right here on Earth. Join me in flight, where all of my freedoms live on.