One of the most profound notions that I have learned on this short journey of mine here on Earth is that as human beings we are only ever acting & living from a state of LOVE OR FEAR.

Take a moment and really let that sink in…Every single one of us, with no exceptions, is only ever GIVING LOVE or CRYING OUT FOR LOVE at any given point in time.

When a baby cries for love we innately “know” what to do. We pick them up, we rock them, we sing to them….WE GIVE THEM LOVE.

When an adult cries for love, we have been conditioned by society to do the opposite. We walk away from them, we leave them alone, we “abandon” them. Forgetting that all this adult is doing is crying for love. What kind of world could we be living in if we made a shift in our old programming and practiced giving love to the adults in our lives that are crying for love.

If we can practice true unconditional love & acceptance by knowing who we are in truth, we ourselves will be living a more peaceful existence, no matter what is happening around us.

Rememeber that true inner peace is your birthright and it can be achieved no matter what kind of madness is happening in your surroundings.

How do I find inner peace when there is so much war and destruction around me, you ask??

Always know your truth…



On a soul level we are all pure love, innocent & brilliant beyond measure. WE ARE THE SAME. OUR WORTH IS INTRINSIC. WE ARE SOULS, BORROWING THIS BODY ON THIS HUMAN JOURNEY.

As humans many have forgotten who they are in truth, on a soul level. They have allowed for their light to be dimmed. These are the “humans” that walk this Earth thriving off of destruction and pain.But this “thriving of destruction” is only an illusion. What it really is, is a cry for love. See them beyond their human form. See them as a soul, the same as you and me. It is on this level of pure love, that we can start to heal ourselves and the world that we live in.

True compassion is sending love to all of those in need. The “terrorist” is in need of just as much love as the victim, in fact more. They are living farther from their truth.The bully has a deep seeded belief that they are unloveable and that is what is their driving force. What if we gave them the opposite of what they believe they are deserving of? Practice this on an energetic level first. Find the foregiveness, love compassion for all beings, within yourself consciously, then maybe one day, we would be able to physically express that love by possibly giving the “bully” a hug for example.

Every single one of us KNOWS what love & bliss feels like because it is where we each of us came from. It is a familiar feeling. We are innately drawn to love.

Just remember that if you are living in state of hate and anger then you are the one holding onto those “negative” emotions inside of your body. And that is like drinking the poison and expecting the other person to die.

If you can reach deep down inside and find forgiveness, love, and compassion for all beings, no matter their actions, you will instantly be receiving that forgiveness, love & compassion for yourself. And we can all use a little more of that in our lives.

I do not condone poor behaviour, terrorism, bullying etc. Those are unacceptable behaviours. Yet, who we are on a soul level remains unwavering. And if we lived more powerfully from this one truth, we would naturally have more love & bliss in this world.
Love is the answer to every single question.

Sending #SriLanka some extra love during this challenging time.

I can say this with absolute conviction…Sri Lanka is one of the most beautiful Islands in the world. The energy of the island itself & the people that reside on it is absolutely vibrant. Even when there was a Civil War going on, it felt so peaceful and full of pure joy & love. I am of Sri Lankan descent. I was not born or raised there, yet I resided there for 2 months in my adult life, it was a magical experience. It is still one of my favourite places to travel to.
~ Naked Love Coach