I received the perfect lesson of how busyness creates deep blockages to LOVE!

I woke up today feeling filled with love & abundance. I decided to extend it outward to a friend who had expressed to me that he has been feeling overwhelmed & stressed by his life. I  forwarded (via text) a beautiful inspirational quote, which was about 2 sentences in length. What I received back was not what I imagined. I received a series of 5 different text messages telling me how my forward was imposing on their time, they were too busy in their day to stop & read quotes. I think it’s easy to see that the intention behind me sending the message was lost in translation. I can’t say for sure what they were thinking/feeling but I do know that the text messages that I received in return were not an extension of love. Which could only mean, they were in fear mode.

Anytime we choose to react from a place other than love, it is based on fear!

Another great example of a similar interaction was shared with me during a coaching session. ( I was working with an adult male, who was processing his experience by going back to his childhood memories)

A little boy was playing outside by himself and found a rock that he was very excited to share with his father. He brought it into the house and excitedly started to tell his story about his special rock that he had found. The boys’ father was working on his computer at the time and decided that he was too busy with work to pay any attention. Without breaking his gaze from his computer screen, he shushed his son and asked him to keep playing outside, letting him know that dad is too busy with work.

That little boy is now a grown man & remembers that day vividly in his memory. Little did he or his dad realize, that that moment would be a defining moment in his life. That was a day that that little boy created a core belief in himself. He told himself that he can’t do anything right & that nothing he does is good enough.

Children innately make everything about them. That is what we all do as children. We all walk around today, as adults, with a series of core beliefs about the self that we created at a very young age. Then we walk into the world trying to gather evidence that this is true about us. This happens on a subconscious level.

Thankfully there is only ONE truth. I am Love and so are you!

If we all chose to live from a place of love and peace, we would understand that busyness stems from a whole bunch of useless thoughts.

“If I don’t finish this project by…..”

“I need to get this file in by….”

“I have to get this client to sign…”

“I need to close this sale…”

Those are all fear-based thoughts. What if they didn’t get done exactly as you planned? Believe me, nothing “bad” would happen. The world would still revolve & you will survive. You will still be love & light, whole, perfect & complete.

If the sale didn’t get closed today, it wasn’t meant to close today. Don’t cause yourself harm by forgetting that the universe never makes mistakes. This doesn’t mean that we walk through our day unmotivated, it is okay to have a guideline. The key is to not give away your peace trying to attain something. The sole purpose would be lost.

I get it, this all sounds easier said than done. Go easy on yourself, you didn’t build these blocks to love overnight so it will take some time & practice to chisel away at the blocks.

Busyness starts and ends in our minds….we are perceiving that something needs to be completed now!

Meditation is an excellent way to clear those busy thoughts and ideas out of your mind. I sit in stillness and embrace all thoughts to pass through, I then choose the ones that don’t serve me and kindly escort them out of my mind.

This exercise of the mind brings me a clearer awareness of the things that bring me true happiness and joy in life.

For me, that is bringing a smile upon a persons face, laughing, connecting…. I can be doing this while I close the sale!

I believe that most parents intentions are to provide their children with a loving and nurturing environment to grow up in. You as the parent need to create that for yourself first before you can provide it for someone else.

This is just a gentle reminder to all of you to love yourself first. Relax, and enjoy life. Busyness and stress cause physical and mental harm to you and those around you. There is nothing loving about that! If you forget, don’t be hard on yourself, dust yourself off and choose a peaceful path.

Remember that your most important “job” in life brings you, Love and Peace!

He’s Just Not That Into Me


As I type the words & feel the emotions behind the words “He’s Just Not That Into Me” the tears start pouring down my cheeks. Every word I just typed has a deeper meaning. A meaning & a story that I gave it. I attached the meaning to each word.

“He’s Just Not That Into Me” = “I am not enough”

                                                               “There’s something wrong with me”                                                                  

                                                                “I am not loveable”

As I practice self-love & acceptance, I embracing every emotion as it shows up. My practice is to do the inner work to stay in a constant state of bliss.

Bliss is my birthright & I am deserving of it.

Sometime’s to get to the bliss I must work thru the blocks, that I myself have created.

I created the block, it’s my responsibility to remove it if I want to return to my truth, which is LOVE

It’s amazing how when I’m single it’s easy to live in the illusion of a more constant state of bliss. It has been my experience that my inner peace is challenged, as my fears come to surface more when I am in a romantic relationship.

The universe never makes mistakes in delivering me the perfect man to guide me on my healing journey.

I want to clarify that I take full ownership that the healing is mine, the lessons are mine, the limiting beliefs & blocks to love are mine. The other person is just holding up the mirror for me to look deep within & love myself deeper & more purely than I have been.

As I expand my level of awareness, I have immense gratitude for every single person I attract into my life, at any capacity.  We are all here to serve each other. It is a continuous practice for me to release attachment on how long people stay in my life. Not everyone is meant to be in our lives for a lifetime. Some people are just as impactful being in my life for a shorter period of time. Sometimes they are only there to serve one specific purpose & when that act of service is complete, they are meant to move on.

It’s a brilliant practice to keep an open door policy for people to come & go as they please… as long as when you check in with your higher self, it feels like a loving interaction & it serves a loving purpose.  

Loving interactions are a choice for the most part. We get to choose how we perceive people & situations.

Even if the interaction seemed negative at the time I look for the silver lining, the act of service, the hidden lesson they taught me. I appreciate & acknowledge the love I felt in their presence, even if it was brief.

Gratitude & forgiveness has immense healing power & it permeates in every fiber of our being. It even has the power to heal ailments in our body.

If I process the emotion (the reason for the tears rolling down my cheeks), the circumstance becomes quite matter of fact. When someone chooses me to be in their life, they will do whatever it takes to make it work, even though their ego will be wanting to sabotage the bliss.

Especially men, they are hard-wired to hunt & are very diligent in doing whatever it takes to get what they want. It’s a beautiful thing about masculine energy. And quite different to women, men will tell you exactly what they mean. If he is telling you that he doesn’t want a commitment, he means exactly that. He is choosing not to choose you.  Us women tend to speak in code & we also change our mind quite often. Again, these have been studied to be traits of masculine & feminine energy & it is what it is. The more we learn about the differences, the better we can understand each other.

It’s a great skill to learn how to balance both energies within yourself, as each sex has both masculine & feminine energies.

When he is not choosing you, it could mean that you are not the one for him or he’s not in a space to do the inner work to know that he is deserving of the gift that the universe has delivered to him.

The gift is the union of your 2 souls being brought together for a higher purpose.

If he/she can’t embrace it then you are better off opening yourself up to someone who knows they are deserving. There is no need for resentment. Remember “He’s just not that into me” means nothing about me at all.

You are whole perfect & complete,  as are they. They are just not ready to accept that truth for themselves.

When I remove the emotional attachment & the crazy story that there is something wrong with me, that I’m not loveable & or that I am not enough, I can turn it around and have love & compassion for someone who is forgetting who they are in truth.

If I can encourage him to feel the love for even just one moment, then the purpose for us coming together has been served.

I am love & light. My purpose is to shine my light on this world. I can only do that when I am living in love myself.